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About Club Tai Tai

Club Tai Tai’s mission is to give those who love designer goods an opportunity to own them at a fraction of their original prices, by providing a platform for fashion lovers to buy and sell pre-loved items. Founder Angel Salti is also passionate about fashion, and hit on the idea for Club Tai Tai when she wanted to liberate excellent but unused items that had been stashed away in her closet.

Initially, the plan was to save many pieces for her two daughters, but she realised very quickly that their tastes were different from hers.

At the same time, when searching for some other items she wanted, she happened upon second-hand websites that stocked exactly what she was looking for. This made her realise that perhaps others might want some of her barely worn shoes or nice jackets that were taking up closet space.

She roped in both her daughters to take pictures and set up a website, and Club Tai Tai was born.

Honesty and integrity are important values for Angel, and so Club Tai Tai aims to be very clear and open about the condition of the products it stocks. It is important that customers see that what they buy matches their expectations as closely as possible.

The ultimate goal is to build a community of people who love fashion and are happy to share beautiful pieces with each other.